Clint MacBride

Clinton MacBride, at 58 years young, is a seasoned adventurer and a true connoisseur of the open road. With a lifelong passion for motorcycles, he has navigated the twists and turns of life on two wheels. Clinton's journey began with trials motorcycles, where he honed his riding skills and developed a deep appreciation for the thrill of adventure riding and exploration.

Currently astride the powerful KTM 890 ADV R, Clinton leads adrenaline-fueled adventure motorcycle tours, guiding fellow enthusiasts through breathtaking landscapes and challenging terrains. His tours are not just about conquering trails but fostering a sense of camaraderie among riders who share a love for exploration and the thrill of Adventure.

Beyond his exploits on the bike, Clinton is a family man with two grown children and a supportive wife named Shirl. Together, they form the anchor that keeps his adventurous spirit grounded. His commitment to family and his adventurous pursuits paint a vibrant portrait of a man who embraces both the rugged landscapes he rides through and the warmth of his domestic haven. Clinton MacBride is not just a rider; he's a living testament to the thrill of the ride and the beauty that unfolds when you chase horizons on the back of a motorcycle.


A motorcyclist since she could balance on two wheels, Holly comes from a lineage of motorcycling starting four generations back. She enjoys everything motorcycles have to offer and maximizes her time both on and off-road and well as on the race track. Holly road races modern and vintage motorcycles in Canada and the US and plans to race the amazing tracks in Europe before long. Her stable of bikes also includes a collection of vintage Yamahas from the 1970s and her modern WR250R, which she has extensively kitted out for adventure. Her travels on this bike have taken her various places in North America as well as Baja, Mexico, and she plans to continue her travels in the coming years. Holly’s spirit for adventure follows her wherever she rides and her enthusiasm for motorcycling is infectious.

Rick Boughner

Rick Boughner is a cross country/enduro veteran and motocross enthusiast. He has been riding motorcycles since he was 5 years old and has a deep love for the sport. With 20 years of experience as a motorcycle tech, Rick has developed a vast knowledge of motorcycles/accessories and their inner workings. Rick is married and has a son. His wife is also an avid rider, and they share a love for motorcycles together. They often go out riding as a family, enjoying the thrill of the open trails. Aside from motorcycles, Rick has a few other passions as well. He thoroughly enjoys spending time on a great motocross track, pushing his boundaries and testing his skills. Additionally, fishing and hunting are hobbies that Rick deeply enjoys, allowing him to relax and connect with nature. Overall, Rick Boughner is a dedicated motorcyclist with a wealth of experience in the field. His love for motorcycles, along with his shared passion with his wife and their son, brings joy and excitement to his life.


Meet Wes Kudrenski, a seasoned individual whose life has been intimately intertwined with the world of motorcycles. Born and raised with a passion for the open road, Wes has owned and ridden motorcycles for the majority of his life, forging a deep connection with the freedom and thrill they provide. Wes dedicated a significant portion of his career to serving and protecting as a police officer, specializing in the motorcycle division. His commitment to ensuring safety on the roads extended beyond his duty, as he took on the role of an adventure rider ambassador for multiple motorcycle shops. In this capacity, Wes not only shared his expertise but also fostered a sense of community within the motorcycle enthusiasts he encountered. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, Wes has found his niche as a motorcycle training and safety instructor in Ontario, Canada. His dedication to educating riders about safe practices reflects his unwavering commitment to the well-being of fellow enthusiasts. Wes's expertise extends beyond the training arena; he is exceptionally well-versed in adventure motorcycle equipment and gear. His in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of this specialized equipment showcases his commitment to the adventurous side of motorcycling. Wes not only imparts practical riding skills but also instills a deep appreciation for the equipment that enhances the overall experience.

David Jenni, CEO and Co-Owner

As a teenager, David enjoyed hiking, rock climbing and any other adventure out in the woods. Motorcycles, however, where not part of his life. This changed, when his later wife Isabel got an old Honda CM125 for her 18th birthday. It might have to do with immaturity, but it just didn't feel right to have a girlfriend with a motorcycle and ride a bicycle himself. So David got himself an old an quite run down Kawasaki KMX 125 and started dreaming of traveling the world on this little dirt bike. After a first trip to the Tunisian Sahara on the 125cc bikes, David switched to a KTM 640 Adventure, which reliably got him through the Alps, the Sahara and the Australian outback. Today he rides a pimped KTM 690 Enduro R.

Stefano Bucher, Head of Marketing and Co-Owner

Stefano's enthusiasm for motorbikes began at the age of 6, when he got his first Yamaha PW50 and roamed the woods. At the age of 18, he was riding a Yamaha DT 125 R legally on the roads. Many motorbikes later - mostly touring enduros and classic bikes - he now rides a BMW R 1200 GS which is mainly used for longer trips. For somewhat rougher terrain, however, he also has a KTM 690 Enduro in his fleet. In the last few years, he has travelled to more than 20 countries in Europe, from Albania to Ireland - hopefully many more will follow in the next few years.


Markus Raasch, Head of Sales

Markus has been riding a motorcycle since he was 18 years old. At the beginning he was on the road with a Kawasaki ZR-7S. With it he went on the first longer tours to Norway and over the Iberian Peninsula to Gibraltar, over the Cabo da Roca in Portugal and back past the Dune du Pilat in Gascony in France. The desire to move off the beaten track with the motorcycle grew and so he switched to a Suzuki DL 650 V-Strom. With it he went to the Pyrenees, Corsica and the Balkans. The routes became step by step more demanding and after a trip with a small 250ccm through the north of Thailand it was clear that he wanted to drive something lighter. Since then, Markus has been riding his KTM 690 Enduro R on- and off-road and since September 2021 together with the Enduristan team.

Jonas Di Lorenzo, Product Designer

Meet Jonas, a passionate rider who fell in love with motorcycles at age 14 and has been hooked ever since. He started his journey customizing his Puch X30 NS and secretly took his brother's KTL LC4 for spins around the neighborhood. Over the years, his love for offroad riding has only grown stronger, taking him from Enduro riding in Indonesia to offroad tours in Italy, France, and Mexico. Jonas joined Enduristan In 2023 and is always eager to take on new challenges. He's recently added flat track racing to his repertoire, in addition to competing in moto rallies on his Husqvarna 701 and tackling tougher terrain on his Husqvarna TE 300i. Whether he's soaring through the air or tearing up dirt tracks, Jonas's passion for offroad riding knows no bounds.

Joëlle Mohni, Head of Finance

In Joëlle's life there has not been much to report about motorcycles in the past. Although she drove a moped as a teenager and also dreamed a little bit of driving an off-road motorcycle later on.
During her months of traveling around the world, she often uses a motorcycle transport to cover shorter distances as adventurously as possible and away from the classic tourist routes. It met her desire to travel as close as possible to the local population and to more not well developed areas.
Joëlle has been part of the Enduristan team since October 2020 and is therefore again much closer to the dream of being able to ride an off-road motorcycle one day by herself.

Besime Wyler, Financial Accountant

Besime has not had much to do with motorcycles until now. Her father had a Pony GTX which she often drove – and she enjoyed it a lot. She would like to experience this excitement again. Motorcycling means absolute freedom and everyone can experience it. «I admire people who push their limits and make the impossible possible. My favorite motto goes well with this: No risk no fun. Riding an Enduro myself has always been a dream that I would like to fulfill at some point.” Besime has been part of the Enduristan team since July 2021 and is looking forward to steadily improve her knowledge about the world of motorcycling.


Enduristan is still fully privately owned by the founders David and Isabel Jenni, Christoph von Ow and our marketing manager Stefano Bucher.